To promote the Timex Health Touch, a heart rate monitoring watch without the waistband, the Sonic Boom Creative Media team constructed an installation designed to raise your heart rate. Promoted at the CanFitPro convention, a professional gathering of personal trainers, the installation used an RGBD camera to detect the silhouette and hands of the participants. Using the hands we created light trails that the participants could draw with. To add some additional effects we included a Fast Fourier Transform of the live music being played. As the experience was concluding we snapped a photo of the participant's artwork and published it to a branded Facebook page. The Timex team then instructed the participant to use the Health Touch system to monitor their elevated heart rate.

The installation utilized a scrim, enabling the artwork to be seen from outside the booth. An LED screen was used to flip through a slideshow of previous participants.

An administrative application allowed for real time edits to the 3D thresholds, and control over the experience. An iPad application enabled the Timex team to capture participants data without crowding the installation experience.