Windows 8 Launch


Rogers was looking for a way to promote the Windows 8 platform using the Windows Tiles. This dancepad built with Media Merchants allows participants to play a game of Simon using the client's ringtones and patterns that appear on the screen and in the LEDs on the tiles. We constructed a dance pad with pressure sensors, LEDs, and directional light diffusing acrylic. The microcontroller managed the serial connection with the PC. The openFrameworks application handled the scoring and pattern matching and signals to the dance pad to change the lighting. Automatic pressure threshold detection eliminated false events.

Execution of the campaign occured in a little over a month. Custom through hole circuit boards were assembled and design of the floorpads with the integrated circuitry were completed. The Arduino and openFrameworks applications were constructed and handled both a freeform mode and a gameplay mode.

The power regulation was handled with a series of TIP120s. Additional revisions were made to offer increased strain relief.