Beer Fridge - Slapshot


The Molson Beer Fridge - Slapshot is the third in a series of interactive beer fridges by Rethink. Working with the Stacklab team, we developed a laser tripwire with a series of backup systems to trigger both an air horn and mag lock. All you need to do is shoot the puck in a 6 1/4" hole!

The laser tripwire is rigged to bounce off the mirrors 6 times. The Air Horn can hit 115 dB. The maglock has 100lb of force. The entire system can be run off of a 12V DC battery. Coverage of the Molson Beer Fridge can be seen on TSN during the 2015 World Juniors and in person at Windsor Station in Montreal, and Real Sports in Toronto after January 2nd.

A video posted by Brent Marshall (@eightlines) on

A video posted by Brent Marshall (@eightlines) on