Shopify Maker Space

Maker Space and Industrial Design Studio

Real Estate

The Shopify Maker Space included multiple locations across different real estate holdings. Ottawa, Toronto, Waterloo, Lithuania, and Montreal each supported open spaces to allow internal staff to create during their off hours. The equipment was provided, and as much as possible was sourced from Shopify merchants. The equipment included Laser Cutters, Vacuum Formers, Vinyl Cutters, Garment Printers, 3D Printers, Embroidery Machines.

Additionally the Maker Spaces were designed to support advanced video conferencing and presenting spaces. Top down cameras for over head shots, wireless presenter microphones, accordian doors to overflow spaces, microphone arrays, sliding whiteboards, and Crestron controls allowed a presenter to configure the space how they preferred.

The Industrial Design Studio involved more advanced equipment which was available to trained personnel. This space included an industrial Laser Cutter, CNC, SLA 3D Printers, and Power Tools.