Shopify LED Corridor


Real Estate

The Shopify Toronto office feature an LED Corridor just off of the reception. This corridor features acoustic panelling intermixed with black matte aluchannel and black lenses. This allows the LEDs to remain inconspicuous when turned off, but come to life when data is fed to the wall. The system integrated Madrix controllers and allowed TouchDesigner to feed NDI streams to the wall. In addition real time Kafka topics were consumed by a Python consumer and interpreted in graphical form. This allowed our team to visualize a large amount of data in real time to present on the wall.

The TouchDesigner application also provided an interface to the Crestron panel which was programmed to show a WebView. This allowed participants to directly interface with the TouchDesigner script and change the content on the LED Wall.

During a later phase we held a Hack Day event where we gathered a team of interested staff to hack on the digital interface. The result of the three day session was over 15 new animations for the wall including some mobile to LED interfaces and more robust backend data handling. We also demonstrated that it was possible to stream an NDI interface that animated across all of the screens across the floor in one consistent animation.