BC Tourism

Vending Machine


BC Tourism Vending Machine from Media Merchants.

For the BC Tourism "100 BC Moments" campaign PR firm Citizen Optimum hired Media Merchants to produce a giant virtual vending machine. The vending machine would be installed in a courtyard in San Francisco and be powered up for brief times over a three day period. Participants lined up around the block to choose an item from the touch screen. Once the participant chose a number a post card would move forward in it's coil and drop. As it dropped an animation would play detailing the local attractions. The postcard would then drop, and timed perfectly a prize would pop out of the drawer at the bottom. Prizes would consist of framed artwork, kayaks, bicycles, cheese, and more.

The application runs a four monitor display. The largest screen uses a Vicuiti film and projector to display the animation. The second screen displays animated vending machine status text. The third screen is an IR touch screen for the keypad. The fourth screen is hidden inside the vending machine and runs an inventory control system to assist with prize redemption. The inventory system also display's a countdown timer to allow the internal team to release the rewards at a specific time.