The Spot

Mobile Application Development

THE_SPOT from Globacore on Vimeo.

The Spot was an installation for AT&T in 2012 produced by Globacore. The installation featured the Samsung Note (Android), Nokia Lumia (Windows Phone), and a desktop machine. The mobile applications interfaced with a Django DB which managed inventory control.

AT&T's booth allowed participants to try out different mobile devices by registering on the Note, receiving a PIN number through SMS on their own phone, and using that PIN number as an identifier throughout the installation. To order a T-Shirt the participant would interact with the Windows Phone 7 application and type in their PIN. They could then select a size, color, and pattern for their T-Shirt. The T-Shirt selection was managed by an inventory control system through a simple REST protocol.

Participants could also use their PINs to interact with the 18' touch screen to retrieve their photos and other Twitter hashtagged tweets.